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A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD Hall O Fame 1983 3 Disc Set
A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD Hall O Fame 1983 3 Disc Set

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A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD

DVD Synopsis and information:

3 DVD Set Includes:

Disney's Halloween Hall O' Fame DVD For Sale - Originally Aired
on NBC October 30, 1977 - Includes Disney's The Legend Of Sleepy
Hollow - A/V 7/10 (Contains early 80s TV Commercials)

A Disney Halloween DVD For Sale - Originally Aired October 1983
on NBC A/V 7/10 - Full Menus

Disney's Halloween Treat DVD For Sale -Originally Aired October
1982 A/V 7/10 - Full Menus * 10/10 Upgrade - BEST A/V Quality Available as an upgrade

Disney's Once Upon A Halloween 10/10 - Full Digital Transfer. - Available as an Upgrade!

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DVD Synopsis and information:
Here is what is included in this 3 Disc MEGa Disney Halloween Set - Best Disney Halloween Set ANYWHERE ! LOADS of super family fun and friendly Halloween and scary Disney live action and animated features for you and your loved ones to enjoy and cherish this and every Halloween together. Recently added a HIGH QUALITY version of 1982 Disney's Halloween Treat ! ! Disney's Once Upon A Halloween now Available for US audiences converted from a gorgeous digital DVD transfer. Just Check BEST A/V Quality Upgrade Box under Choose Your Options! With all the animated content and fun this makes for a SUPER COLOSSAL Disney Halloween Treat on DVD!

This is set that is FULL of Disney Halloween cartoon goodness. Disney really knew how to create terrific Halloween specials for family viewing back in the day Disneys Halloween Treat DVD set. This Disney Halloween DVD Treat Set will bring years of Halloween Entertainment.
A Disney's Halloween Treat DVD is a wonderful set and great for families to enjoy on Halloween! Be sure to checkout all the awesome upgrade options to the Disney's Halloween Treat DVD set. A Disney Halloween Treat DVD set is a massive and wonderful collection of lost Disney Halloween gems. A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD 3 disc Set will have you entertained for hours. Enjoy this 3 disc set A Disney's Halloween Treat DVD set with your family for Halloween each and every year.

Disneys Halloween Treat DVD is marvelous family fun for Halloween or anytime of year. Disney's Halloween Treat DVD and A Disney Halloween DVD and Disney Halloween Hall O Fame DVD are all wonderful Disney Halloween treats DVD for the entire family to enjoy. A Disney Halloween DVD along with Disney's Halloween Treat DVD and Disney's Halloween Hall O Fame DVD are amazing Disney Halloween TV shows suitable for all ages and are assembled here on a 3 DVD with upgrades to add on.

Disc 1
A Disney Halloween (NARRATED BY THE MAGIC MIRROR) A Disney Halloween; was a 90-minute Halloween-themed television special that included portions from Disney's Halloween Treat (1982) and Disney's Greatest Villains (1977) featuring classic short cartoons and excerpts of various villains from feature films. It was hosted by an off screen narrator and the Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (played by the late Hans Conried. The opening and closing credits feature footage from the Silly Symphonies short "The Skeleton Dance", as did Disney's Halloween Treat, but the coloring on the skeletons has been changed to green. The cartoons are fun and spooky but completely fit for children of all ages. What a fabulous Disney Halloween collection! You won't find more Disney Halloween content anywhere else!

The special first aired on October 1, 1983 and was shown during October for the following years on ABC and the Disney Channel until the late 90s. This is a fantastic Halloween compilation that you and the kids will adore. Add the Disney Euro import DVD - Disney Once Upon A Halloween and The Haunted Mansion soundtrack on CD-R! A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD is a great set and a must watch for Halloween. Disney's Halloween Treat DVD is big Halloween fun!

DTV MONSTER HITS Original Airdate: October 1987, NBC Narrated Jeffrey Jones as the Magic Mirror and featuring June Foray as the voice of Witch Hazel, with Gary Owens as the announcer with the following musical tracks:
Michael Jackson: Thriller, Ray Parker: Ghostbusters, Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising, Bobby "Boris" Pickett featuring The Crypt Kickers:Monster Mash, Rockwell: Somebody's Watching Me, The Electric Light Orchestra: Evil Woman, Stevie Wonder: Superstition, Pat Benatar: You Better Run, Spike Jones: That Old Black Magic, Daryll Hall: Dreamtime, From The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Heffalumps & Woozles, The Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Disc 2
Disney's Halloween Treat - 1983 Original Cut (PUMPKIN NARRATION)
Disney's Halloween Treat Halloween-themed clip show which first aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1982 and featured a compilation of Disney animated shorts involving spooky or supernatural themes as well as excerpted segments from Disney feature films. The credits also featured footage from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. The special was narrated by a jack o' lantern puppet, which was also used in an educational short to talk about Halloween safety called "Disney's Haunted Halloween". The opening and closing credits feature an orange colorized version of the 1929 Silly Symphonies short "The Skeleton Dance", as well as its own theme song, sung in the opening and closing credits. The lyrics were written by Galen R. Brandt with music by John Debney. A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD is a wonderful way to enjoy Halloween.

Disney Halloween Haunts DVD
This original VHS release contained three cartoons that are already included in this set:
Pluto's Judgement Day, Lonesome Ghosts, Trick Or Treat

It was shown throughout the 1980s up until the mid 90s. It was also released on VHS in 1984. As of today Disney's Halloween Treat has not been officially released on DVD. Disneys Halloween Treat DVD set is a must own set for Disney Halloween fans.

The Skeleton Dance Silly Symphonies animated short subject produced and directed by Walt Disney and animated by Iwerks. In the film, four human skeletons dance and make music around a spooky graveyard. It is the first entry in the Silly Symphonies series. In 1994, it was voted #18 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.

Other Disney Halloween Themed Cartoons Included in on this Set: Pluto - Pluto's Judgement Day, Donald Duck - Disney Trick Or Treat DVD And more...

Lonesome Ghosts is a 1937 Disney animated cartoon featuring the Mickey Mouse Donald
Duck Goofy trio as members of the agency "Ajax Ghost Exterminators" (often described later as precursors of the Ghostbusters). Mickey and his best friends are hired by telephone to evict a number of ghosts from haunted house. Unknown to them, they were hired by the ghosts themselves, four lonesome ghosts who are bored because nobody has visited the house they are haunting for a long time. They wish to play tricks on the mortals. And they do so through a series of inventive gags, but by the end the trio has actually managed to scare the very same ghosts out of the house when flour accidentally spilled over them. All these Halloween related cartoons are so much fun to enjoy each year.

Also included on Disc 2 is a TV Special detailing the conceptual creation and inside look of Disney's Haunted Mansion!

Disc 3 (contains early 80s TV commercials)
Disney's Halloween Hall O' Fame Originally Aired on NBC October 30, 1977. On October 3rd, 1977, Time magazine published this mention about the upcoming special in an article: Cinderella's coach turned into a pumpkin and Jonathan Winters' head has now suffered the same fate. With a little help from his makeup man, Comic Winters ripens into a big jack-o'-lantern on the set of Walt Disney's special, The Halloween Hall o' Fame. The show, scheduled to air Oct. 30 on NBC, stars Winters as a bumbling night watchman who swaps heads with a talking pumpkin. The tricks and treats are vintage Disney, and Winters loved it all;especially his costume. "I was secure with my head," he says. "I knew I was a pumpkin mentally. There's a lot of seeds up there; some gone. Includes the Full Disney version of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, narrated by Bing Crosby! The immortal Jonathan Winters is a superb host for this kid friendly and spooky Halloween Special (contains early 80s TV commercials).
Disney's Halloween Treat Teaser