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Popular Halloween-Themed Films

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The Midnight Hour DVD 1985 Mr and Bride of Boogedy DVD 1986-1987 A Disneys Halloween Treat DVD Hall O Fame 1983 3 Disc Set Halloween Extended Edition TV DVD 1978
The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow DVD 1999 Halloween 6 1995 DVD Set The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home DVD 1978 Garfield Holiday Celebrations DVD 2004
Once Upon A Disney Halloween DVD 2005 Spooky Bats And Scaredy Cats DVD 2009 Region 1 Halloween Franken Frankenpooh and Spookable Pooh DVD Frankenstein and Me DVD 1997
The Night Dracula Saved The World DVD 1979 The Halloween That Almost Wasnt DVD 1979 Witch's Night Out DVD 1978 Raggedy Ann & Andy The Pumpkin Who Couldnt Smile DVD 1979
Elvira Elvira's Macabre Halloween Special DVD 1984 The Ketchup Vampires DVD 1995 The Peanut Butter Solution DVD 1985 Under Wraps DVD 1997
High Spirits DVD 1988 Monster Mania Bride Attack 50 Ft DVD 1997 Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit DVD 1982 Hack O Lantern DVD 1988
Here Come The Munsters DVD 1995 Chilling Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House CD 1964 The Scream Team DVD 2002 Monster Squad DVD 1976 Complete Series TV Show
Halloween With The New Addams Family DVD 1977 Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire DVD 2000 The Worst Witch the Movie 1986 The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow DVD
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