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Hard-to-Find Films of the 80s

The 80s were a decade of fast change—fashion, music, political climate. Just about everything changed, including film and movies. This decade bred some of the most loved and celebrated movies of all time. This is why we’re dedicating a whole category to the decade and featuring the best of the 80s movies on DVD!

Featuring some of your favorite action stars, comedic duos, teen dramas and studio budgets big and small, these films defined what it meant to be awesome! So relax, tease that hair and pop one of these iconic top 80s movies in that DVD player for the ultimate throwback.

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Without A Trace DVD 1983 Death Hunt DVD 1981 Moving Violations DVD 1985 Ruckus DVD 1980
Stand By Your Man DVD 1981 Rhinestone DVD 1984 Lifeguard DVD 1976 Turk 182 DVD 1985
Maid To Order DVD 1987 Max Dugan Returns DVD 1983 Steel Dawn DVD 1987 Mr and Bride of Boogedy DVD 1986-1987
1991 29th Street DVD Cover Cook Thief Wife Lover DVD 1989 Eye Of The Tiger DVD 1986 Thunderbolt And Lightfoot DVD 1974
Times Square DVD 1980 The Sword And The Sorcerer DVD 1982 Southern Comfort DVD 1981 Roswell DVD 1994
Road Games DVD 1981 The Flood Who Will Save Our Children DVD Truly Madly Deeply DVD 1990 Fatso DVD 1980
Deathstalker 1 2 3 & 4 DVD 1983 Watchers 1 2 3 4 Reborn DVD 1988 Bullies DVD 1986 Angst DVD 1983 Erwin Leder aka Schizophrenia
The Keep DVD 1983 Oddballs & Goin All The Way DVD 1984 1982 Summer Camp Nightmare DVD 1987 Tough Guys DVD 1986
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