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Totally Minnie DVD 1988 Robert Carradine Suzanne Somers
Totally Minnie DVD 1988 Robert Carradine Suzanne Somers

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Totally Minnie DVD For Sale 1988 Robert Carradine Suzanne Somers
DVD Synopsis and information:
Totally Minnie DVD is the 80s Disney TV production that popped on the small screen in 1988 featuring loads of 80s music from The Pointer Sisters, Janet Jackson, Elton John and more. This live action film features a Nerd - Maxwell Dweeb, played by Robert Carradine, who in desperation wants to try and become more hip. Maxwell see a spot on TV with Minnie Mouse that lures him to go to the "Minnie Mouse Center for the totally un-hip". There Maxwell learns how to dress, dance, and most importantly - be himself - all with superb and ultra 80s style.

Totally Minnie DVD centers on nerd Maxwell Dweeb (Robert Carradine), who is a loner with no friends. While watching TV, Maxwell sees an advertisement for the Minnie Mouse Center for the Totally Unhip, which Dwebb certainly is that, named after its owner the one and only Minnie Mouse. Dweeb, in an effort to improve himself socially and musically decides to attend to get hip!

After being welcomed by the Director (Suzanne Somers), Dweeb is taken on a tour of the Minnie Mouse center for the totally un-hip, where other Disney characters run various courses: Goofy is a healthy fitness instructor, Donald Duck is a ultra cool wardrobe manager, and Pluto is an efficient messenger boy. After finally meeting Minnie Mouse, Dweeb is taken on by the Director, played by Suzanne Somers. After seeing Elton John sing a duet with Minnie Mouse - Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Maxwell thanks he's got it all figured out and displays his new super hip personality with clothes akin to Elton's, but the Director stops him saying that it is just not him, and that hipness does not mean you can copy another person's style. Minnie then takes Maxwell on a 80s shopping spree; then the Director, quite impressed by a newly made-over Maxwell Dweeb, decides to go out with him.

Totally Minnie DVD is mixed with contemporary and older Disney animated shorts and music videos that included the duet Don't Go breaking My Heart with Minnie Mouse and the pop icon Elton John. There are also excerpts from a Disney TV number of Janet Jackson's Nasty Boys with a montage of male Disney villains with Peter Pan's nemesis the infamous Captain Hook. Totally Minnie 1988 DVD remains a fun and whimsical 80s Disney TV special. A fun and whimsical Disney TV special from the late 80s.

Stars: Suzanne Somers, Robert Carradine, Don Pardo, Elton John
Director: Scott Garen
Writers: Joie Albrecht, Scott Garen
Released: 2/25/1988
Runtime: 44 Minutes

CD Soundtrack * Available As An Upgrade Item *
Totally Minnie CD Track listing:
1: Totally Minnie (Album Version) by Brenda Russell 3:35
2: Girl Talk (Album Version) by Scottie Haskell 3:02
3: Minnie's Workout (Album Version) by Scottie Haskell 2:55
4: Dear Daisy (Album Version) by Patrick Deremer & Desiree Goyette 2:54
5: Disney Girls' Theme (All Fired Up) (Album Version) by Patrick DeRemer 3:29
6: Hey Mickey (Album Version) by Scottie Haskell & Desiree Goyette 3:35
7: Break It (Album Version) by Karla Bonoff & BD Jay 3:14
8:Videoactive (Album Version) by Patrick DeRemer 3:06
9: Let's Get Together (Album Version) by Scottie Haskell & Desiree Goyette 2:27
10: Give All You've Got (Album Version) by Patrick DeRemer 2:23

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