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Deathstalker 1 2 3 & 4 DVD Complete Set I II III IV 1983
Deathstalker 1 2 3 & 4 DVD 1983

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Deathstalker 1983 Complete Set on DVD: 1, 2, 3 & 4

DVD Synopsis and information:
All 4 DVDs Are The Full New Concorde Versions With Menus!

DVD Synopsis and information:
This is the complete Deathstalker 4 film set on DVD R! Deathstalker DVD is an awesome fantasy series. Deathstalker DVD set is terrific fun!

Deathstalker 1983
The Awesome Journey To An Age Of Brutal and Dark Magic. Deathstalker, played initially by Richard Hill, is the mightiest warrior. He is chosen to battle the dark forces of this medieval kingdom. Bored of petty fights and willing hand maidens and bent on taking revenge for past wrongs done to him, this handsome, lustful fighter sets off on an epic journey to the most challenging tournament in this land. To the winner, the throne of the mega evil sorcerer and his ultimate mysterious power, and the love of the high spirited and gorgeous Princess Codille, played by Barbi Benton. But first, Deathstalker must prove himself worthy of his own legacy with evil and treachery lurking around each corner. Deathstalker DVD 1-4 set is terrific fantasy entertainment. Deathstalker DVD set is fun and tawdry.

Deathstalker DVD collection is terrific and cheesy 80s fantasy and fun. Deathstalker DVD Set is great 80s fantasy fun.

Cast & Crew
Actors: Barbi Benton, Richard Hill,
Writers: Howard R. Cohen, Producers: James Sbardellati, Directors: John Watson
Length: 81 mins
Rating: R

Deathstalker II 1987
His Battle Isn't Over Yet. The powerful barbarian Deathstalker, played by John Terlesky, has a mission: to save the kingdom from the wicked grip of the immoral wizard Jerak and his satanic queen Sultana. Together, they have ruled the land by magically creating a controllable evil twin of the lovely Princess Evie (Monique Gabrielle). Capturing the real Princess Evie, Deathstalker must now return her to her rightful place of power. But the fabled swordsman's battle has just begun - standing in his way are cut-throat pirates, bloodthirsty amazons, flesh-eating zombies... and then things start to get dangerous! When the warlords fall, Deathstalker will be king! Deathstalker DVD set is awesome fun! Deathstalker DVD collection is cool and fun 80s fantasy entertainment.

The Deathstalker DVD set is terrific fantasy B movie fun.

Cast & Crew
Actors: Monique Gabrielle, John Terlesky
Producers: Frank Isaac, Jr., Directors: Jim Wynorski
Video: Standard 1.33:1 Color, Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
Studio: New Concorde Home Entertainment
Production Year: 1987
Release Date: 10/23/2001
Length: 85 mins
Rating: R

Deathstalker III 1988 aka Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell
Deathstalker 3 - Starring: John Allen Nelson, Carla Herd, Terri Treas, Aaron Hernan. The third thrilling saga of Deathstalker pits him agains the devil wizard and ruler of the Southland, Toxartes, and his band of undead warriors. Dashing Deathstalker is entrusted by the beautiful Princess Carissa to protect an enchanted jewel, one of three, which together hold the key to the lost city of treasure, Erendor. The missing pair of gems are stashed all too safely in the heavily guarded castle of the wicked Troxartes. His mission clear, Deathstalker rouses his troops and storms the fortress with the fateful battle, only one man will survive to witness the magical secrets of Erendor.

John Allen Nelson Deathstalker
Carla Herd Carissa / Elizena
Terri Treas Camisarde
Thom Christopher Troxartas
Aaron Hernan: Nicias (as Aaron Hernan)
Roger Cudney: Inaros
Runtime: 86 min

Deathstalker IV 1991 Match Of The Titans
Out Of Legend Rides One Man With An Invincible Sword who will be as heroes should be. Journey to a world of magic, where a mysterious woman seeks the mightiest of warriors to lead her dark army into battle. It began as a contest of strength - a brazen challenge to lure competitors from far away into the main arena of a Queen's castle. Among the warriors stands the champion Deathstalker (Rick Hill) - who defeats all opponents. Mysteriously, combatants disappear from the castle one by one. Now, in a blood chilling match of Titans, Deathstalker must defend his fellow warriors, his life, and his new found love (Maria Ford) against an invincible army of Stone warriors and the Wicked Queen who rules them as master.

Cast & Crew
Actors: Maria Ford, Rick Hill, Michelle Moffett, Brett Baxter Clark
Writers: Howard R. Cohen, Producers: Steven Rabiner, Directors: Howard R. Cohen
Product Information
Length: 85 mins
Rating: R
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