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Horse Sense and Jumping Ship DVD 1999 2001 Disney TV movie
Horse Sense and Jumping Ship DVD 1999 2001 Disney

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DOUBLE FEATURE - Horse Sense DVD 1999 & Jumping Ship DVD 2001 on 2 DVD R Discs!

Horse Sense DVD and Jumping Ship DVD are terrific made for TV comedy dramas from Disney.

DVD Synopsis and information:
Horse Sense DVD
Hose Sense 1999
Michael Woods, played by Joey Lawrence, is a spoiled boy who invites his cousin, Tommy Biggs, played by Andrew Lawrence, to come and spend time with him in Los Angeles. Tommy is excited to see his cousin after years of not seeing one another. When Tommy gets to L.A. Michael completely ignores him the entire time and this makes Tommy sad and feel quite unwelcomed. Then, Michael's parent's housekeeper has a heart to heart chat with Michael about ignoring his cousin Tommy. Michael agrees and says he will take Tommy to Disneyland and they would have a great time together.

Jumping Ship DVD and Horse Sense DVD are both super entertaining family TV movies from Disney and are easy to watch again and again. Horse Sense DVD and Jumping Ship DVD are both terrific family TV movies from Disney.

When the two boys are on their way to Disneyland Michael's girlfriend Gina, who is loaded with drama queen and is also a huge snob calls Michael and asks him if he wants to come see her and her father at the racetrack. Michael jumps at this chance and takes Tommy to a dump him off at the Kids area so Michael could go to the racetrack to see his girlfriend and her dad. On the way back to get Tommy, Michael gets in a car accident then writes down the wrong information to the accident victim. Michael and Tommy get into a big argument when then get home and Tommy heads home the next day. Tommy's mother calls Michael's parents to tell then how rude Michael was to Tommy. Then, Michael's parents begin to try to repair the damage their son caused.

Both Horse Sense DVD and Jumping Ship DVD are terrific Disney family entertainment TV done right! Horse Sense DVD along with Jump Ship DVD make for terrific and easy family viewing.
Jumping Ship DVD and Jumping Ship DVD are wonderful family films to be enjoyed year round. Horse Sense DVD along with Jumping Ship DVD are Disney TV movie classics for a new generation for Disney fans.

Stars: Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, Susan Walters
Director: Greg Beeman
Writers: Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes

Jumping Ship 2001
In this sequel to Horse Sense Michael has huge plans to show Tommy (Michael's cousin) a good time aboard a luxurious yacht. That is until Michael finds out that the fancy boat he thought they were going to have a super time on is actually an old and rusty fishing boat. The trip is much more then the boys bargained for when modern-day pirates begin chasing the rust bucket fishing boat, Michael and Tommy are forced to jump ship. This act of desperation leaves them completely stranded on a desert island with the fishing boat's captain, Jake Hunter. Now Michael and Tommy's new adventure begins.

Stars: Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence
Director: Michael Lange
Writers: Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes

Both Horse Sense DVD and Jumping Ship DVD are memorable and fun Disney TV movies great for family viewing year round.

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Jumping Ship 2001 Teaser