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Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD 1982
Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD 1982

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Find Original Jane Fonda Workout on DVD 1982

DVD Synopsis and information:
The ORIGINAL 1982 JANE FONDA WORKOUT. This was THE workout video that started all the video workout craze and copycats in the 80s. Jane Fonda never looked so good in all that French Cut 80s colored spandex! Treat yourself to a blast from workout videos gone by and enjoy all the thin and in shape people doing things that only they can do. Jane takes you through a series of beginning workouts and then movies to an advanced set of exercising. Considered by many to be the Cadillac of 80s workout videos.
Great routines abound in this workout DVD to help get and keep you moving strong. With all the other Workout video clones out there people almost always come back to this gold standard of workout videos. Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD 1982 continues to do workout videos to this day but none were as revolutionary or popular as her original self titled Jane Fonda Original workout DVD 1982. Bursting with good vibes and positivity.

Fonda exhibits great confidence and ease throughout the exercises. With 80s leotards, leg warmers, high energy music and Jane Fonda in peak form, you must grab this title. This is a must own for workout video fans, as this one started it all! Jane and her workout friends look absolutely incredible in this video. You have seen the rest, this one is THE BEST! What major smash hit for Jane on her first crack at an exercise video in 1982. Jane had said that she thought this would ruin her acting career, in fact she did just fine with her acting while building a workout video empire. It's hard to imagine that Jane built her financial empire on the back of this little production in 1982. Her follow up on 1985 solidified Jane as the workout video queen. The majority of the exercises are quite simple to follow along with and are really fun to do.

Of all the Fonda Workout videos her first and Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD remains her best seller and most popular workout video and all time most popular workout video. Jane has great command as a workout leader. This workout video by Jane Fonda continues to hold up fantastically and is one of the most highly sought after home workout videos on DVD 30 years after its release. With all the craze of the 80s workout videos and leg warmers you can look to the Jane Fonda Workout video that kicked it all off. Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD shows off her basic and advanced workout routines effortlessly with energy and vigor. This video revolutionized exercising at home.

You will love the simplicity and energy of this video. It's really a fun trip back to see how Jane Fonda Workout DVD and the workout routines have changed over the years. Original Jane Fonda Workout 1982 DVD is still a terrific way to get into or stay in terrific shape. Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD remains a workout top buy and fan favorite. Jane recently mentioned how shocked she was at the boom her first effort created. This is the defacto original and is a part of 80s pop culture in America. Whether for nostalgia or exercise purposes this is a great workout video to add to your arsenal. Jane Fonda herself stated she had no idea that this DVD would revolutionize and launch this industry. In this original Jane Fonda Workout 1982 DVD you will see the simplicity and directness of the workouts.

The Original Jane Fonda Workout DVD 1982 stands out as an industry best on home video workout. Jane Fonda built her workout video empire on the foundation of this 1982 video. Indeed this has to be one of the most popular workout videos of all time.

Actors: Jane Fonda
Format: Color
Language: English
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Format: Fullscreen, 1.33:1, NTSC
Run Time: 90 minutes
Jane Fonda Workout 1982 Teaser